Monday, December 5, 2011

The weekend, relaxing

Guys, this weekend was so nice.  I spent Friday night in NoHo, and Matt and I ate tacos and watched House.  I also chipped my tooth – I was in bed, holding my phone over my head, and I dropped it!  Oh no!  It’s barely noticeable.


On Saturday we met with Pastor Schork, of Calvary Chapel Monrovia. He will be marrying us.  Afterwards, we went to the fashion district, and I got earrings and pretty things for my hair.  Then we went to ULTA, and I got a couple lipsticks for the wedding.  That night, I dyed my hair… for the first time in like 18 months… tried the nail polish for the wedding (pretty!), and did a facial mask.  I feel pretty… J


Sunday was super low key.  We went to church, but left almost immediately.  It was just too cold.  Matt was in a jacket, and he was freezing.  I was in a dress and cardigan, and it was just awful.  We got movies from Blockbuster, did the grocery shopping, and went back to church that night to make the programs and menus for the wedding. 


A very relaxing weekend, but with only 12 days left until the wedding, it’s crunch time!!!

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