Monday, December 19, 2011

Wedding Memories, Documented

What do I do now?  For the past 6 months, most of Matt’s and my free time has revolved around the wedding, save the few occasions with friends.  I’m tired from the wedding.  I’m tired of the wedding.  I know I said earlier today I didn’t want to talk about it, but I need to get my memories out before I forget about them.  I need this documented.

The day wasn’t really a blur.  I remember waking up at 5:30 and finishing most of the place cards – which were then forgotten.  :)  Which mostly turned out to be a good thing, except two of my friends were sitting by themselves, and left early.  I took a shower,  but didn’t wash my hair.  It got a little wet though.  I had put it in a bun to keep it dry, and then forgot to avoid the shower head.  So I got slightly wet.  Oh well.  Then Beth moussed my hair, and I started to steam my wedding dress.  I couldn’t get all the wrinkles out, so about halfway through the morning I broke out the iron, using that on most of the train.

Trinity and Beth spent the night, but Shanna was the first to arrive.  Then Brittany came, then Gina.  Gina and Brittany went and got coffee while Beth started to work on putting hot rollers in.  Shanna worked on Trinity’s hair.  (It was amazing.)  Tiffany arrived right before 8 am to do makeup.  She started with Brittany, then Trinity, then me, Gina, Beth, and Shanna.  Beth did Gina’s hair, and Shanna did Brittany’s.  Beth then worked on her own hair, and Shanna did hers, and both Shanna and Beth worked on mine. 

We were finally ready to do about 10:15.  Mom and Dad had loaded up all the cars with stuff to go.  Trinity and I went in my car, and I listened slightly to Car Talk.  Mostly I just was thinking.  I asked myself, “Was this really what I wanted?  Was I sure I didn’t want to call it off?”  Each time, I realized I just couldn’t wait to marry Matt, the love of my life. 

When we got to church, I unloaded the car.  I had the flowers, Gina’s dress, and my wedding dress.  We got there about 11, which was an hour late.  Aunt Debbie and Aunt Ruthie were already in the kitchen doing the food.  I saw the cake.  It was gorgeous.  Just what I wanted.  :)  The Santa’s showed up and helped do the food, which was wonderful.

We set up in a classroom, and I spent about half an hour running around.  Then I got dressed.  Mom helped me into my wedding dress.  I had lost the modesty panel, so we pinned white fabric into the space it was supposed to be.  Then we went and took pictures.  Shanna yelled at everyone to get them in position. 

Then we went and touched up our makeup.  We wrapped the bouquets and pinned on the boutonnières.  Mom put my veil on.  We both almost cried.  It was probably my favorite moment of the day. 

Not a lot of people were there at 1, so we waited a while.  Still not a lot of people were there, but we started.  I think we were only about 15 minutes late. 

Then I walked down the aisle.  I remember listening for the cue.  But we still walked faster than I anticipated.  I couldn’t see Matt.  He was hidden behind the guests.  I remember Dad giving me away.  And then the ceremony started.  Shanna sang her lovely song, Robert and Gina read.  Then Andrew got up.  Instead of reading “I carry your heart”, he read the lyrics to “That’s Amore.”  Had he read a couple stanza’s and then said, “No, I’m just kidding.  Here’s the real poem,” I would have been happy.  It would have been funny.  But it wasn’t funny, and I don’t know what to do.  I haven’t gotten an apology.  It’s my favorite poem – has been for almost 12 years.  Matt thinks I should let it go – but here’s the thing – you only get 1 shot at a wedding.  And I worked so hard to make it good.  I don’t know if I’ll ever trust Andrew with anything of importance.  But… life goes on, right? 

The minister deviated from the carefully crafted script.  He completely ignored the ring ceremony I wanted.  I wish Matt would have let us hire someone we knew would stick to our script, but he insisted we hire a minister.  I’ll never go to Calvary Chapel Monrovia though.  No use fretting – he is out of our lives. 

My bouquet was extremely heavy.  Gina had to take it early. 

The vows were perfect. 

The unity ceremony went off well.

Then we were married.  The recessional CD didn’t play.  I should have checked it first, but we ran out of time.  We went and walked out anyway.  :)

We got to say hi to everyone in the receiving line.  I’m glad we did it. 

Then we went to sign the marriage license.  Gina and Robert were the witnesses.   Then Robert announced us in the social hall.

The food was amazing.  I loved the cucumber sandwiches, the ambrosia.  We had a good about of food.  No one went hungry. 

Then we played “Wedding Jeopardy”.  Trinity and Sharon led it.  Then we did the toasts.  Gina’s was great.  Shanna’s was funny – it was an Irish toast.  I said thank you to my aunts.  Mom read a sweet story to me.  Dad was awesome. 

Then we cut the cake.  It was chocolate raspberry and vanilla strawberry.  Matt didn’t know what we were supposed to do.  Also the knife broke.  Oh well.  :)  We did not smash cake in each other’s faces. 

People were starting to leave, and tear down.  So I decided to end the reception an hour early, and at 4:30, we did the rice/flag waving.  Rice was everywhere!!  :)  It was awesome. 

One of our friends paid for a hotel room for us in Anaheim.  We stopped at the house, changed, opened presents, and I got a lot of my stuff.  I cried when I left.  I’ve lived in that house forever.  Leaving – knowing I am never coming back – is super hard.  I’m still tearing up.

We went to Hotel Ménage and spent the night there.   We got room service and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  The old one – whatever.  I fell asleep part way through it, and woke up about 5 AM.  I took my hairpins out, washed all my makeup off, and Matt and I took off to find the vending machines.  They had toothbrush kits but not comb kits.   I had forgotten a comb/brush, so I used tons of conditioner and got all the tangles out in the shower.  Then I blew dry my hair in the right way.

We had breakfast at the Spires on Ball/Euclid, the same Spires where my parents had their first breakfast together.  It was quite fitting.

Then we went to the church to grab all the tuxes and return them.  We had gaming later that day, and then after that, we grabbed groceries and went to our new little home. 

Did I love my wedding?  I did not love planning it.  I loved the way I looked.  I loved my dress.  I loved the flowers.  I loved the way the wedding party looked.  Dad was SO HANDSOME.  He looked good.  Almost as good as Matt.  :)  I loved that we spent less than $5,000.  I did not love that we had to decorate at 9 pm on Friday.  I loved that we used the same wedding song as my grandparents, and we were married on their 62nd anniversary.  I loved that we remembered my Aunt Beckie, who is with Jesus.  (We donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.)  I loved that I was surrounded by my family and friends.  I am so glad that my family is completely awesome.  Even Matt said my family is amazing.  :)

So, I think I did love my wedding.  We have so much support and love from those around us, and it really showed.  I am so happy, and I think this next year is going to be really awesome.  I’m so excited to share it with you, my readers.

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