Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On why Weight Watchers is not working

Because I hate my job so much, I use fatty foods to console myself.

I've managed to only drink water and coffee but I need my cookies!!!

If I didn't love Matt so much, I would quit this job. But I must stick with it, and hopefully I will be offered a permanent position. Right now, the goal is to not gain any weight!!!

Maybe I can get back on the wagon... But these cookies!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tentative Wedding Music

Prelude:            TBD

Slideshow:        Marry Me - Train
                         I Want to Hold Your Hand (Glee Version)
Mothers:           Excellent Notion, from Sense & Sensibility

Bridesmaids:     End Titles, from Emma

Bridal March:   Romantic Flight, from How to Train Your Dragon

Solo: Always, by Irving Berlin

Recessional:      TBD

First Dance:      I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You

Last Dance:      The Way You Look Tonight

Wedding Inspiration Board

How This All Goes Down - Tentative Wedding Schedule

6 AM Friday morning – Pack car for the day, with everything to take to the church, the rehearsal dinner clothes, and girls night out clothes.

6:30 AM – Leave the house for the Flower district, driving 2 cars, so that 1 car can be filled with flowers.

Leave Kim with whoever is watching Grandma, and have Beth bring her to the church later.

8:00 AM – arrive at the flower district, get flowers ASAP.

10:00 AM – leave the Flower District for the church

10:45 AM – arrive at church, unpack, and start putting flower arrangements together.

1:00 PM – Matt arrives with Lunch, quickly eat, and then decorate the sanctuary.

3:00 PM – Decorate the reception hall

5:00 PM – Change clothes for the rehearsal

5:30 PM – Rehearsal

Have a non-important person heat up food at some point during rehearsal.

7:00 PM – Rehearsal Dinner

After Rehearsal Dinner, Trinity and I (and anyone else that wants to go along) go to Union Cattle.  Try to arrive home by midnight.

6:30 AM Saturday morning – Wake Up and Shower

7:15 AM – Breakfast

7:45 AM – Start getting ready.  The bridesmaids will need to do hair/makeup, as will the bride.  After hair is ready and makeup done, bride gets into dress, but NO VEIL.  Veil must be packed to take to the church to be put on before the ceremony.

Photographer should arrive around 8:30 AM.

9:45 AM – leave to take pictures – Parents head to church for last minute décor touchups

10:30 AM – take pictures, Location TBD

11:45 AM – Leave for Church Pictures, make sure to grab a Jamba Juice for sustenance. 

12:30 PM – arrive at the church, bride touches up makeup, fixes hair, and puts veil in hair.  Family pictures are then taken.

1:30 PM – The prelude music should start around this time.  The bridal party exits for makeup and hair touchups.  Groomsmen go to front to usher guests to seats.

2:00 PM – The slideshow starts, app 7 – 10 minutes long.  As soon as the slideshow ends, the groom’s mother is seated, followed by the bride’s mother.  IMMEDIATELY after, the bridesmaids start to walk in.  As soon as one get to altar, the next walks.  At appropriate musical cue, the doors open, and bride and father stand for about five seconds.  Then, they walk down the aisle.  At the end of the aisle, father lifts brides veil, bride kisses father’s cheek, then father gives bride away.  Ceremony continues as scripted.

After the recession, the BRIDE, GROOM, ALL BRIDESMAIDS, and MOTHERS (2) go to receiving line.  The GROOMSMEN usher the guests out of the church.  FATHERS go to the reception, as does the Flower Girl.

After the receiving line is finished, the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen do makeup touch ups, then go to Reception. 

Reception Entrance: music?   Announcer??

After reception entrance, then bride and groom have first dance (I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You).  Toasting will come here, or will be at the rehearsal dinner… Undecided. 

Afterwards, everyone eats desserts and such for about an hour and a half. 

Then, the cake is cut, and everyone eats cake. 

Around 5:45, the bride and groom go change into their going away clothes, and the bags of rice are handed out.  At 6:05, a groomsman pulls car around. At 6:15, the announcer tells people to head to the parking lot.  The bride and groom then exit, and the bride tosses bouquet as she leaves.

Cleanup – left to mothers and family.  Everything goes to bride’s mother’s house for storage.  (Bride will go through it and sort giveaway/keep/throwaway.)

Dealing with Moving Away from Home

I have lived in the same house my whole life.  I know what stair steps creak, and which ones you can count on to be silent as you sneak out to a band party.  The rosebushes in the garden are older than I am.  In the backyard is a slide my grandpa built for me as a present on my first birthday, the swings he made for my third birthday, and the merry-go-round he made for my fifth birthday.  The family album has pictures of me standing on the brick fence when I was four.  Mom and I planted gardens in the backyard, and grandpa helped get rid of the gophers.  My bedroom is painted purple, with floral wallpaper on one wall.  It’s been like that since I was seven. 

When my fiancé, Matt, and I announced our engagement, I was enthralled with trying on wedding gowns, sewing bunting, and choosing Save the Date’s.  We went through a pre-marital counseling workbook, and we talked about a lot of topics listed on APW (where it lists what needs to be discussed prior to marriage).  Through all this, I was emotionally fine.  Excited, yes, and full of anticipation.

But then last night, all of a sudden I was hit with a wave of fear and sadness.  I’m leaving home for good.  This isn’t like when I went away to college, because then, I came home on weekends and summers and Christmas break.  My address is officially changing for the first time in my life.  Mom isn’t going to wake me up in the morning.  I’m not going to share a room with my five year old sister.  I won’t separate my grandpa’s mail from my parent’s mail.  I won’t listen to Dad grumble about the liberal media as he washes the dinner dishes. 

Dealing with moving away for good is really difficult.  On the one hand, I want to deny my emotions, hoping that they will eventually go away.  Another part of me wants to fully enjoy this last summer, spending as much of it with my family as possible.  Because though I will live only 45 minutes from home, I won’t be home for every impromptu hot dog roast in the back yard, and I won’t get to try every experimental loaf of bread.  My sister won’t tell me about her science projects while we eat dinner, and I’m not going to hear about every mishap she’s gotten into or what cute thing she said that day.

Instead, I’m going to do all that with Matt.  My role is going to be different, transitioning from daughter to wife.  Instead of being the one woken up, it’s eventually going to be me waking someone up.  I won’t just show up for family outings or dinners.  I’ll be the one putting them together.  My role of being a supporting member of the family is changing to a lead member of the family.  And that’s really exciting. 

I’m going to miss my childhood home.  Oh, I’ll miss it dreadfully.  But I am so excited for the next 65 years with Matt and our future children. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Update

Yesterday was the Mathis family Easter get together. Mom was sick last week so we had postponed. We had a scavenger hunt where you take pictures, and that was fun. Our team did not win, but that's ok. It was fun.

Wedding updates... I don't think there are any this week.

I have been sick for almost two weeks, but I'm hoping that I will be feeling better soon.

In other news, Bin Laden is dead. I found out on Facebook, and I was really appalled about the awful things people said about President Obama... Things like how he had nothing to do with killing OBL, That he shouldn't take credit. Well, he is the president. He had to authorize the months of planning. Of course he was heavily involved in this. People are just mad because he proved that he was a naturally born citizen. But seriously, even if you didn't vote for Obama, try to be a little more respectful.