Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cubical Life

There are good and bad things going on now.  Matt’s and my relationship is doing awesome.  Like, seriously so much better than we were during months 2 – 5 of our marriage.  Our 7 month anniversary is coming up, so collectively we have had 4 bad months and 3 good months.  I really hope the rest of the year goes smoothly!!!


But Matt is looking for a job – any job, right now.  We are hoping he will start a sheet metal apprenticeship in January, but until then, he needs a job, since he was denied unemployment.    


Since we are cutting out most unnecessary spending, we are coming up with lots of fun, free things to do.  It’s summer, so there are a lot of movies or Shakespeare plays in parks.  It makes this a little easier. 


Tonight we are going to see Sunset Boulevard in Pasadena.  It’s a free screening, and Andrew is coming with us.  I love this movie.  It should be really fun!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Will Probably Not Die Earlier Because I'm Fat

According to a new study (link below), excluding persons with diabetes and hypertension, persons with a BMI >35 do not have increased mortality due to obesity.  


Conclusions: Obesity-associated mortality risk was lower than estimated in studies employing older BMI data. Only severe obesity (but not milder obesity or overweight) was associated with increased mortality, an association accounted for by coexisting diabetes and hypertension. Mortality in diabetes was lower among obese versus normal weight individuals.

Hah!  I knew it!  I knew so many obese people at church that lived a really, really long time.  And my grandpa is 88, and he has eaten just horribly over his whole life.  Since diabetes and hypertension don’t run in my family (what the heck is hypertension, anyway?), I think my mortality rate is probably normal, compared to everyone else in the USA.


Link to the study:  






Friday, July 6, 2012

What I Made

I’ve been wanting a bikini for some time, but plus size bikini’s tend to be quite expensive. 


I had some cherry fabric, and I remembered this playsuit from Bettie Page.  It’s super cute.



I got a McCalls shorts pattern (below), and I altered a dress bodice pattern to make a cute bikini top. 


Then I made the shorts a little more high waisted, and I whipped those up.


Not pictured is a matching button up skirt to go over the shorts. 


Unfortunately, I got a horrible sunburn on my back!  Ouchie!


Here is the pattern for the shorts:




My birthday was a few weeks ago.  We went to Bottega Louie in downtown LA, then to the lounge at the Bonaventure.


This is the dress I made.  I used Simplicity 1873, made the back a scoop back, and added petal sleeves.  The dress was really simple to make.  I think Matt’s vest actually took longer!


I made Matt’s vest with navy brocade and a navy lining fabric.  I used gold buttons, and I got him a gold tie in the fashion district. 



Here is the link for the dress:


Here is the link for the vest: