Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Will Probably Not Die Earlier Because I'm Fat

According to a new study (link below), excluding persons with diabetes and hypertension, persons with a BMI >35 do not have increased mortality due to obesity.  


Conclusions: Obesity-associated mortality risk was lower than estimated in studies employing older BMI data. Only severe obesity (but not milder obesity or overweight) was associated with increased mortality, an association accounted for by coexisting diabetes and hypertension. Mortality in diabetes was lower among obese versus normal weight individuals.

Hah!  I knew it!  I knew so many obese people at church that lived a really, really long time.  And my grandpa is 88, and he has eaten just horribly over his whole life.  Since diabetes and hypertension don’t run in my family (what the heck is hypertension, anyway?), I think my mortality rate is probably normal, compared to everyone else in the USA.


Link to the study:  







  1. Hypertension is high blood pressure.

  2. Then we are definitely good! I actually have low blood pressure.