Friday, July 29, 2011


So, I went to commuter services to grab a map of downtown LA for my work friend J, who is going to the X games tonight.  It went a little awkwardly:


ME:  I need a map of downtown LA for my friend who is going to the X games.


HER:  Is she walking?  Here’s a map of the shuttle route.  Because if she’s like you she’ll want to take the shuttle.


Was that fat discrimination?  Implying I can’t walk 8 blocks?  (Because I can.) 


It’s like, how rude.

Friday, July 22, 2011

This Weekend

Tonight Matt and I are seeing Captain America (YAY!!!), but first we are shopping for Trin’s birthday (see two posts down). 


I’m really excited for Captain America because it’s in such a vintage style.  I’m excited to see how true the costumer’s stayed to the 1940’s style.  Sometimes – especially with hairstyles – movie makers tend to mix and match 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s styles.  Plus a cute guy (the one with me, duh) makes things so much fun. 


Saturday I have my coworker’s housewarming party, Kim’s ½ birthday party, and Trin’s 21st birthday party.


Sunday we have church, premarital counseling, and then the first Homebuilder’s Bible Study.


Busy weekend!!!

Best Modern Love Ever

This is Amazing.

Favorite Things

Trinity’s birthday party is tomorrow, and Matt and I can’t think of a good present.  She said she wants hair bands, so I will probably get her some at Forever 21 or Claire’s, but I wanted to get her something really special. 


That got me to thinking, that maybe some people feel the same way about me.  I think I’m very easy to buy things for me, but perhaps I’m not.  So although every Christmas and June I may have seasonal favorites, here are some things that I will always love.


  1. Gemstone rings, sterling silver with a gemstone, size 10
  2. Gemstone earrings, either sterling silver or gold 
  3. Tickets to a musical
  4. Or tickets to the opera, LA Phil, Hollywood Bowl, etc.  Please note – I generally only like classical composers in between Chopin – Gershwin. 
  5. DISNEYLAND.  Happiest Place on Earth!!  (FYI, Pooh is favorite Disney character, Belle is favorite princess)
  6. Dooney & Bourke handbags
  7. Hermes scarves


There you go!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Great American Novel?

On the subway I ride to work, there have been advertisements for a certain book calling itself the “great American novel.”  (Great American Novel will be referred to as “GAN” throughout the rest of this post.)  A Time of Season is written by Charles HunnaHustla, a first time novelist from Perris, California.  This is the description of his book.


Until his encounter with a mysterious old man who called himself Anon, Vash Rantz had been as a derelict ship, drifting upon a sea of strange occurrences. He had lived as a mental wanderer, a dreamer, and though calling himself a poet, he had sailed from one experience to another without thinking they held meta-meaning. Then Anon had compelled him to look deeper into his life; and in contemplating the "why me?" of his having been witness to certain events, Vash had seen that a poet's gift is not that he feels more, but that much more befalls him to feel.


Is it just me, or doesn’t this seem a little presumptuous?  Calling your own book the GAN is just a little tasteless.  I have not read the book – it sounds horribly dull, and I don’t want to waste my well earned money – so I cannot critique it.  What I can critique is how this book is portrayed. 



A Time of Season – cliché of a title, amiright? – is presented as a serious novel that not only is the greatest book written by an American in the late 200 years, but a book that will change your life.  First problem: the latter is why we have self-help books.  True, many authors insert their own philosophical ideas into their books (Orson Scott Card, for one, is quite blatantly statist in his novels).  A work of fiction, however, has rarely impacted me so much I change my own beliefs because of it.  I am more likely to be swayed by sociological or historical research.


Second problem: There cannot be a single GAN.  It is too hard to bring the entire American experience together into one book.  There are too many American experiences.  It is possible to have multiple GAN’s, but not just one. 


Furthermore, good readers – this book is not about an American experience.  It is about the main character’s self realization.  It is not about race, war, or other societal problems, as many other GAN’s are (Huck Finn comes to mind, as does Great Gatsby, Invisible Man, To Kill a Mockingbird).  It is about a single man’s personal feelings, not the great problems plaguing society.


Furthermore, I’m not even sure most Americans are like “derelict ships, drifting upon a sea of strange occurrences.”  I believe that most Americans tend to live, for the most part, with some sort of purpose, whether that be the pursuit of money, love, sex, world peace, religion, learning… you get the idea.  Most people tend to have a purpose in life, be it vain or altruistic. 


Mr. HunnaHustla, I doubt you will ever read this, but if you want to write a GAN, write about what it’s like to live in Perris, California, and the problems that you had.  If you were poor, write about what it was like to be poor, and how it affected your neighborhood.  Write about what it was like to be in school and unmotivated, and how it affected you and your friends.  Write about race relations, and how they affected Perris as a town. 


Most importantly, let other people say your book is a GAN.  Saying so yourself is vulgar – no one will take you seriously.  Let the critics laud you as the Ernest Hemingway of our time.  Let your readers say your book is omgthegreatesthingeverwritten.  Not yourself.   

Monday, July 18, 2011


The LA library had balloons to celebrate being open on Mondays once again.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

OC Fair Part IX: Matt's First Ferris Wheel Ride

Yes - his first ferris wheel ride ever!!!

OC Fair Part VIII

Cake decorating demonstrations

OC Fair part VII

Sheep showing and a waterfall

OC Fair Part VI: the Skyline Ride

This went very high above the ground!!! I didn't like it very much.

OC Fair Part V: Peking Acrobats

They were really cool!!!

OC Fair Part IV: Crazy Food

Matt got a deep fried chocolate covered bacon. He really liked it.

I got an ice cream cone. I hadn't had ice cream in a long time.

I forgot to take pictures of our dinner. Matt had a bunch of fried seafood, and I had a brisket sandwich with waffle fries.

OC Fair Part III: the Ice Museum

Some very pretty ice sculptures. It was so cold!!! My glasses got super foggy when I got out!

OC Fair Part II: Arts and Crafts

The first picture is a wedding gown entered at the fair. The second is a Winnie the Pooh cake. The third is a pretty pink cake, the next is a gorgeous wedding cake, and the last is a trio of three very nice cakes.

OC Fair Part I

I'm uploading all these on my iPhone, so I can only upload five pictures at a time.

Enjoy these fun pictures!!

OC Fair Teaser

Blog coming soon!