Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Weekend

I did not get any pictures of the weekend, so words will have to suffice. 


On Friday, Matt and I saw Horrible Bosses.  I loved it.  The movie was funny, just a little bit dirty (but hilarious), and well acted.  Definitely one of the better comedies of the summer – though I am eagerly anticipating Crazy Stupid Love


Saturday was a quiet day, mostly errands.  We rented Beastly to watch while we worked on wedding stuff.  It was awful.  The plot was so trite, so juvenile.  The acting was well done – but the story was too contrived.  It could have been so much better if it wasn’t so unbelievable (like set in high school).


We went bowling on Saturday night with Shanna.  Robert was supposed to come, but his girlfriend said no.  No comment, though I am dying to say something.  Bowling was fun – we played four games in two hours, and I think my highest score was a 74.  I did rather well in the first two games, but my fingers were getting so tired by the middle of the third.  Afterwards, we went to Sonic for burgers, and Shanna regaled us with her tales of Holland until very, very, very late!! 


Something at Sonic did not agree with me on Sunday morning, so we stayed home from church.  I also had a migraine – no fun!  But we headed to premarital counseling out at Calvary Chapel Santa Clarita.  The session went quite well.  I daresay I had never really thought to myself, “How do I see Jesus in Matthew?” but I certainly do now – three times, as a matter of fact.  Matt was told to be gentle with me on our wedding night (EW) and that everything will work (DOUBLE EW).  Like – seriously??  It’s not like I haven’t been around the block a time or two.  Then we talked about how often we were going to have sex while married, sex drives, etc… Gahhhhh!!!!  That was a disturbing conversation. 


Honestly, I’m not sure we talked about anything at the session that Matt and I hadn’t previously discussed privately.  Which, I think, is good, because it shows Matt and I were very on the ball over the past 6 months.  We didn’t dilly-dally around, saying, “Oh, I like you, wait, maybe I don’t…”  We didn’t date for two years before having the serious conversations.  (What if you found out you weren’t compatible??  That’s two years wasted!)  So I’m very happy that we already have all this down pat. 


I think the only area that we really differ is how to raise our future children.  We both come from very strict homes, and while Matt and his siblings have turned out all right (maybe), Bethany and I did not.  Since I have turned out to be very much like my mother (I inherited her temper and passive aggressive tendencies), I know I need to avoid acting like my mother did with me.  Mom did her very best – there’s no doubt about that.  But it’s really helpful to have seen Mom and Dad raise Kimberlee in a less strict fashion.  I definitely favor it – I think it’s better for everyone in our family.  So this is something that the pastor encouraged us to really discuss during counseling.  I’m going to have Matt read Have a New Kid by Friday and Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours


Anyway – back to work.  This is turning out to be another light week… not very much fun.   

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