Friday, July 22, 2011

Favorite Things

Trinity’s birthday party is tomorrow, and Matt and I can’t think of a good present.  She said she wants hair bands, so I will probably get her some at Forever 21 or Claire’s, but I wanted to get her something really special. 


That got me to thinking, that maybe some people feel the same way about me.  I think I’m very easy to buy things for me, but perhaps I’m not.  So although every Christmas and June I may have seasonal favorites, here are some things that I will always love.


  1. Gemstone rings, sterling silver with a gemstone, size 10
  2. Gemstone earrings, either sterling silver or gold 
  3. Tickets to a musical
  4. Or tickets to the opera, LA Phil, Hollywood Bowl, etc.  Please note – I generally only like classical composers in between Chopin – Gershwin. 
  5. DISNEYLAND.  Happiest Place on Earth!!  (FYI, Pooh is favorite Disney character, Belle is favorite princess)
  6. Dooney & Bourke handbags
  7. Hermes scarves


There you go!

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