Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Update

Yesterday was the Mathis family Easter get together. Mom was sick last week so we had postponed. We had a scavenger hunt where you take pictures, and that was fun. Our team did not win, but that's ok. It was fun.

Wedding updates... I don't think there are any this week.

I have been sick for almost two weeks, but I'm hoping that I will be feeling better soon.

In other news, Bin Laden is dead. I found out on Facebook, and I was really appalled about the awful things people said about President Obama... Things like how he had nothing to do with killing OBL, That he shouldn't take credit. Well, he is the president. He had to authorize the months of planning. Of course he was heavily involved in this. People are just mad because he proved that he was a naturally born citizen. But seriously, even if you didn't vote for Obama, try to be a little more respectful.

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