Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stepping out of my Comfort Zone

Having been plus sized my entire life, I've grown rather comfortable with my body.  I don't wage war on it with 1200 calorie diets, massive 5 hour workouts, or any other form of cruel and unusual punishment.  I tend to eat food that has more calories than I need, but I'm working on stopping that habit (rather hard when Matt and I eat out ALL THE TIME because who wants to be at our parents ALL THE TIME?  Lame!).  Once we are married, it will be SO much easier to eat healthier, since I will have my own kitchen.  Sweetness!

Anyway.  Back on track here.  One thing I have never done as a plus size woman is wear a bikini, mostly because I thought it was socially unacceptable, and who makes bikini's in my size, anyway?  Weeellll, I picked up an issue of Glamour on Friday, where they had "best swimsuits for your body type".  There were four for plus sized women... a tankini, two one pieces, and, hello bikini!!! What are YOU doing there?? 

"Matt do you think I would look okay in a bikini?"


"Should I get one?"

"Yeah!!"  :)  I love boys.  :)

So when I get Friday's paycheck, $80 is going to Love Your Peaches, and I am getting this swimsuit.  Which I will wear at the beach Memorial Day weekend.  Finally.

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