Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun in Downtown LA

Last night was fun.  Matt picked me up after work, and we went to the Stray Cat Cafe off 5th/Spring.  It was very good, and the cafe is so cute!!  Matt had a chili burger, and I had a tuna sandwich.  It was quite good, and only like $7.50.  I forgot to take pictures there, though.

We walked up to Angels Flight (in between 4th & 3rd on Hill), and took the fununcular up to California Plaza.  Then we walked up Grand to the Music Center.  I wanted to show Matt the fountain by the Department of Water and Power but it is under reconstruction. 

I live about 15 miles from downtown, so Matt drove me home.  Lovely, lovely date.

Studying the Historical Facts of Angels Flight

The Gas Tower

Matt and Me

Up the Hill

Up the Hill II

Yes - this is a historical monument!

Halloween Orange & Black Cars

The view from up top

"Look up at the birdie!"

The fountains at California Plaza

The balancing sculpture

Matt doesn't like to smile.  :(

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Matt and the WDCH

The fountain & statue at the Music Center

They're alive!

Matt imitates the statue

Dancer's Door Sculpture

We stopped to get gas and saw this sign!  (Matt has a friend with the last name Beswick.)

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