Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Wedding Updates

Not that much went on this week.  I got a Living Social coupon for Vista Print (a $50 coupon for $10), so I thought, "Wow, I should use this for my Save the Dates!" (STD's, in the wedding world.)

Yesterday, I ordered these GORGEOUS STD's, but, while checking out, there was no place to put my coupon code, and I was charged for the full amount.  So I called Vista Print, and they graciously cancelled my order, and resent it with the coupon code.  So, I get 100 STD's with envelopes for a grand total of: $16.15.

Yeah, that's right.  :)  Be jealous.  :)

We picked a date for our engagement party.  It was going to be May 14, but Sharon couldn't make that (!!!) so it's June 11.  Technically too late for an e-party, but as long as we get the invites out by mid-May, I'm good.

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