Friday, April 15, 2011

Wedding Bits and Pieces

Plans for the wedding are very muddled.  When Matt and I first talked about getting married, I told him I would want a small wedding, something eco vintage and blogger chic.  I wanted a tea length 50's style dress, with bolero, sweetheart neckline, and covered with lace.  I wanted a cute fascinator with birdcage tulle - no long veil for me!

But then we got engaged.  Matt wanted a big church wedding.  I said, "OK, big church wedding needs a big church dress."  So I went to David's and found my dream wedding dress.

Now isn't that GORGEOUS??  But then I started freaking out because, "How are we gonna feed all these people!  I don't want a cake reception!  That's so 80's!!"  Matt and I talked it down to a 50 - 80 person wedding, maybe in a park somewhere?

A few days later, I realized, "I do want a church wedding."  I'm a little old fashioned.  I'm not the type of Christian that views God as my best friend, my boyfriend, or lover.  I don't sing songs to God that sounds like something I would say to Matt!  Part of me feels that for this to be real, I need to do this in a church, in front of God and 300 people.

So we are back to a church wedding.  With a cake reception, because that's all we can afford to feed all these people.  Matt's mom and my mom think we should have a potluck reception, and I'm slowly warming up to the idea, as long as people don't feel imposed upon.

Also, the wedding dress was going to cost at least $1000 with alterations, so Mom and I are going to try to replicate it to the best of our ability.  For less than $400, including petticoat, bra, veil, and shoes.

I don't think we will be able to afford a photographer, though.  I just don't see how our budget can swing it.  So if you are a reader of this blog (do I even have any readers?) and you are a budding photographer, I will invite you to the wedding if you take pictures for me!! :)  Just kidding.  Maybe. 

When Matt and I were choosing wedding colors (about a month ago), we decided purple and brown (more like gold).  Matt's mother hates the color purple.  We changed it to Black, Pink, and Silver.  Gina said, "No! You'll look like a walking Hot Topic ad!".... True that.

Purple is one of my favorite colors.  I wear a lot of it, and purple makeup looks great on me.  I LOVE PURPLE.  Plus it's one of the most significant colors for Matt and me.  (When we started dating, we used to say to each other that we were thinking purple thoughts.  Purple means passion and committment.  We have pretty much known since the beginning that this was the game plan.  We just didn't know it was this soon.)

My bridesmaids are Trinity and Beth (Matt's and my sister respectively), and my best friend Gina is my Maid (Matron?  Soon?  Maybe?) of Honor.  So they can wear ANY knee length dress from David's Bridal in Lapis.  Like the below.  Pretty, no? 

And that is pretty much everything wedding related right now.  This weekend, Trin and Andrew are coming for dinner, and then Sunday is Palm Sunday.  The church is having a carnival right after, and then the Cuff family is going bowling afterwards.  Fun times!

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