Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This week has been rather interesting. I turned in my rental car. I've been renting for about a year, but my new assignment in downtown LA enables me to give it up. The over $1000/month I'm saving gets to pay off CBU, pay for a wedding, and apartment deposits. I'm also on the train right now.

Matt and I won't be getting an apartment until early December, but oh have I been looking. I would like to live in Silver Lake or Ktown, because it's the hub of public transportation, and I want to live near a farmer's market and in walking distance of Fun Things to Do. Matt would like to live in North Hollywood - as close to the Valley as he can get and still be near the subway. We do have friends in Burbank, which is next to North Hollywood, so it may win. It will be interesting to see where we end up. :)

Wedding stuff has been clouding my mind this week. We are trying to figure out where to have the stupid wedding (ME: wedding chapel in Vegas, MATT: no.), and this is seriously the hardest thing ever, y'all. We have a significant number of people coming from Riverside, so driving to the Valley would not be good for them. Plus using CCMV might mean that uninvited people would show up because "It's a church wedding." No. So we are trying to see if we can use my parents church in Westminster. I wish we could have it in a park but it rains in December. Mom suggested doing it at home, but that would cost too much to make it look nice, I think. I really want to get this over with. :(

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