Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Married, Day 5

On Monday, Matt and I had picked up a chuck roast for Tuesday dinner.  Then Gina told me she was moving cookie decorating to Tuesday, so we were saving the roast for Wednesday.  Then Gina told me on Tuesday that cookie decorating was back to Wednesday, but I was already at work.  No time to put it in the crock pot. 


So I had Matt put the roast in the oven.  I had him sear the roast on both sides, then place it in a Corningware on top of some carrots.  Onions were sliced on top, and some small potatoes were on the sides.  It was quite good, but I prefer crockpot roasts.  They are more tender. 


I got a recipe chain email.  I rarely participate in those, but I think for recipes, it is a good idea.  :)  I sent it to my mother, and she sent it to her friends, so I have gotten quite a few great recipes this morning.  I can’t wait to try them. 


So Matt is supposed to wake up and shower at 5, and then wake me up at 5:30.  But this morning, the alarm went off at 5, and I went to turn it off (being half asleep!).   Unfortunately, Matt did not wake up until 6, making him slightly late getting off to work.  Now I am supposed to let the alarm simply ring until he wakes up – um, but what if it wakes me up?!? Do I just lie there??




  1. Just nudge him til he wakes up. Uncle Dan gets up before me so I have learned to go back to sleep until my alarm wakes me up.

  2. This week Matt is off work, so it's been ME getting nudged awake!! :)