Friday, December 30, 2011

Reflections on 2011

2011 has been the best year of my life.  I was telling Matt yesterday that I wish I could do it all over again – not because I would change anything, but because it was all so wonderful and amazing. 


God has been so good to us.  When I think of the bad things that happened in 2011, they weren’t debilitating or overwhelming.  I lost my job, and found a temp job.  Matt lost his job and cut his thumbs, but financially we were okay, and he found an awesome job in August.  Weird things happened with the car, but we paid for them and moved on. 


So you see why I want to redo last year?  How can anything possibly top this?  How can 2012 be better than 2011?  It’s only downhill from here!!


In 2012, I expect that I will find a good job.  I expect to decorate our house beautifully, and host many a happy game night or dinner party.  I expect two of my closest friends/relations to get engaged, and I have a friend getting married in March, and I’m looking forward to her wedding.  I expect to take a super fun road trip/Vegas trip with Matt, a camping trip this summer, and hopefully a tropical vacation next Christmas time. 


My prayer for this New Year’s Eve:


God, bless us in 2012 as much or more as you have blessed us in 2011. 




Favorite Memories of 2011


New Year’s Eve 2010 – Matt and I “met” for the first time, and we subsequently started dating.



March 21, 2011 – Matt and I got engaged.



April 2011 – Renaissance Faire



May 2011 - THOR



June 7, 2011 – Engagement Party



June 17, 2011 – Saw Les Miserables



June 25, 2011 – I turned 24.



July 2011 – Taking Matt to the OC Fair for the first time


August 14, 2011 – Matt’s 25th Birthday



September 2011 – Applepicking with the boy and my family



September 2011 – We bought a car



September 2011 – Engagement pictures


October, 2011 – Bridal Shower



November 2011 – Shanna’s Party



November, 2011 – Vegas with Gina



November 2011 – Wedding Shower



December 2011 – Bachelorette with Beth and Katie



December 17, 2011 - Married


  1. I agree. 2011 has been a wonderful year! I wouldn't take it back for anything!