Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Married, Day 12

So Christmas is over, and I’m starting my job hunt in earnest.  After this week, I have 13 weeks left at my job, and I’d like to find a new position right away.  It’s hard, though.  Most positions are either offered through a temp agency (but I’m already with one), or they only want to pay $10 – 12/hour.  Here in California, to make ends meet, I need at least $14/hour.  And that’s cutting it close. 

Other than that, I’m just a little bored.  I’m coming up with a new list of projects to accomplish.  My goal is to each month make one home décor item, one Christmas decoration, one Christmas present, one personal item, and one baby item.  No, I am not getting pregnant right away.  But Matt said we can think about it in two years, so that means I’ll have 24 baby items ready to go, right?

Other than that, married life is fine.  We should get our wedding pictures back this weekend, and that will be lovely. 

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