Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011, Remembered

Christmas was a busy affair.  We spent Christmas Eve with my parents, watching Pride and Prejudice and making Christmas goodies.  We opened presents.  Beth gave me pajama pants, and I think that was my favorite gift of this Christmas.  I do love pajama pants. 

That evening, we went to Shanna’s fondue party.  We dipped French bread in cheddar and parmesan cheese, and cooked chicken and beef in broth.  We left shortly into the chocolate fondue, because it was getting late, and we needed to get home. 

Matt’s parents, Christmas Day

Christmas Day was spent at church and at Matt’s parent’s house.  We had turkey, stuffing, apple raspberry pie, sweet potatoes*, mashed potatoes, and cornbread.  Matt’s parents gave us cookware for Christmas, and we got a variety of other items.

Trinity and Matt, Christmas Day

The day after Christmas was spent with my family.  We started in the morning by reading the Christmas story, eating cinnamon rolls and an egg/sausage casserole, then having a gift card exchange.  Katie was in charge of that, and it was interesting.  She asked each person what a little known fact about them was, and then when it was time for the exchange, she read the fact, and whoever guessed the right person got the original person’s gift card.

Reaching for the gift card, Day after Christmas

Example:  Jane’s little known fact is that she played the tuba in high school.  The person in charge reads this fact out loud, and Jack guesses, “Jane!”  Jack then gets Jane’s gift card, and is not allowed to guess for any other gift cards.  The person in charge takes the last gift card after everyone has guessed.

My cousin Chris, Day after Christmas

Matt is off work this week, so he cleaned the whole house and is doing laundry.  Such a wonderful husband!

Matt & Me, Christmas Day

* The Cuff family never fails to call their sweet potatoes “yams”, but yams are typically not sold in the USA.  Yams come from a completely different food family originated in Africa, and they are starchier and dryer than sweet potatoes.  The USDA requires all foods labeled “yams” to also carry the label “sweet potatoes”.  So if you purchase “yams”, you are with great certainty actually eating “sweet potatoes!” 


  1. We had a wonderful time with you glad you are in our family

  2. That game was so fun! I loved it! I want to play it again. :)