Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This is Where the Liberal Arts Majors Die

The company that contracted me for the year is a Fortune 500 company.  This is Serious Business.  This is where the Liberal Arts Majors work.
Out of the seven people on my team, four of us were/are liberal arts majors.  One was philosophy, another anthropology, I was history, and the intern is currently majoring in English. 
Those of us who do not want to teach, or who cannot find jobs in museums or other liberal arts bastions end up here: corporate America.  With useless degrees (unless you work in an aforementioned field), we take administrative positions, working ourselves up a level or two until retirement. 
Yes, these jobs are dull, but they are busy, and they keep us occupied for 40 hours a week.  They earn adequate paychecks, and hey - free coffee!  And what else would we do?  There are only so many teaching positions.  There are not many museums, and they do not hire people constantly.  Only a few archeologists can dig, and newspapers do not need any more political philosophers to write commentary.  Interesting jobs are few and far between, but dull jobs abound. 
So I dream of working in the field I studied, knowing that it is just a dream.  Real needs are pressing, and I need steady a paycheck.  (Money is nice!)  So I will continue to work in this cubical, like a mouse in a cage.

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