Friday, June 24, 2011

Start of a birthday weekend

So.  Last night I left my badge in Matt's car.  I called him at 5:57 AM, and I wailed, "I left my badge in your car!!!"  After 20 minutes of negotiations, Matt said he was meeting me before work to give me my badge. 
So when I came up from the Pershing Square station, Matt was across the street, with my badge in hand, and a bouquet of purple tulips, since tomorrow is my birthday. 
Then he walked me to work, where we kissed for about three minutes on the steps of the skyscraper where I work.  (OK - so now you know my approximate area.  You really think I'm telling you the name of the skyscraper? ;)  Gotta be kidding!)
My life is like a movie.  :)  Seriously.  And Matt is the most wonderful man in the whole world.
My coworkers also brought cupcakes.  This is going to be an awesome birthday.

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