Sunday, June 12, 2011

Engagement Party Recovery

It is official.  I am a Bridezilla. 

Let me explain.  Yesterday was my engagement party (to Matt), and this past week has been an absolute frenzy of preparation.  I had paper chains to make, bunting to sew, and cake pops to prepare. 

Friday night after Matt picked me up from work, we were driving to Alin Party Supply to place the balloon order ($0.99 a balloon!  Rediculous!), and I was upset because a LOT of people said they couldn't make it (we invited about 80 people).  I said to Matt, "If K**** ever gets married, we are not going to her engagement party because she didn't come to ours!!"  And I said that about everyone that declined our invitation.  Matt must have been like, "Where did this monster come from and how do I not marry her?!?" 

By the time we got to Gina's to make taco salad and sandwiches, I was (almost) calmed down.  We had a good time at her house.  She made lasagna roll ups - they were sooo good!!

So then we get back to my house about 10:30 pm, and Matt was running a fever.  Not a big deal, he could be dehydrated or his thumbs could be fighting an infection.  I send him off to bed, then start the white cake and the lemon tart.  (OMG the lemon tart was SO GOOD!  The white cake.... more about that later.)

Saturday morning, Matt woke up with a 102.6 fever.  I finished the cake pops, the two cakes, and the taco salad.  Mom, Kim and I cleaned the front yard and decorated the back yard.  I got gorgeous flowers at the farmers market.  Matt's fever broke (thank God), and he helped set up the chairs.  I had the fastest shower ever, and I looked very pretty. 

The party was a great success.  Beth brought watermelon, Mom made oatmeal cookies and potato salad, and Sharon brought a veggie platter. 

I made:

Taco Salad (my grandmother made this when I was a child - so good!)

Blackberry Tart - which I forgot about - but it is sooo good!!!!  More for me!!

Lemon Tart - AMAZING.  It is a new favorite.  But must add tart pan to registry...

Cake Pops - These were a HUGE hit.  I should have made more.  I will make perhaps 200 for the wedding, even though it is SO time intensive!!

Spice Cake - from a box, was not really eaten

And then some snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookies.

But I made this gorgeous white cake.  Truely  - gorgous.  I'm not going to post the link, because the recipe has been corrected, and I will try this again with better results.  The problem was, the recipe I copied three weeks ago listed 4 teaspoons baking soda.  The recipe corrected 10 days ago listed 4 teaspoons baking powder!!  I hadn't checked back to read comments, which I should have.  I'm a good baker.  I am.  So that this recipe tasted awful was mortifying!  Luckily only one person tried it, and I put it away when I realized it was bad.  But wow.  People need to PROOFREAD THEIR RECIPES.

Today, Matt is resting.  He has a virus.  Of course.  :)  I slept and slept and slept, cleaned the house, and wrote thank you cards. 

Here are pictures from the party.  As more are posted on Facebook, I will share more.

Matt and Me

My parents, Kim (sister)


Cousin Heidi, Aunt Debbie, Cousin Chris
(note the pretty paper chains - which are carefully saved for the wedding)

Cousin James, Beth (sister), Mike (sister's boyfriend)


  1. I do apologize for not coming to your party, as I am not the famed K****, nor am i one of the guests without an excuse, but I do feel bad that you turned into a bridezilla for the day. I also advise you not to turn into a bridezilla, because the last bridezilla show I watched included "deshaun" calling her groom "tiggah" the entire episode and getting so jealous that maybe "Tiggah" was cheating on her that she called all her friends including her mom to find out if any of them were cheating with him. All in all, I hope you had a good time. And i hope you make me cake so that I can share in a piece of your happiness. =]

  2. No, no, that was insane Stephanie that was upset. Normal, rational Stephanie doesn't care, and I hope you are having a terrific time up north!!!

    I promise not to call you and ask if Matt is cheating with you. :P EWWW.

    I will make you cake! I will bring it next Sunday. :)

  3. Sharon and I had a great time. You and your family are so nice...I loved the tart almost as much as the slide!