Monday, June 6, 2011

An Interesting Weekend

This past week was rather slow and boring, until Friday midday.

I got a text from Matt: "I might not be able to go to the observatory (Griffith) tonight.  I cut my fingers."

This was obviously more than a paper cut, so I started to freak out when he didn't text me backFinallyhours later, he told me he had gotten stitches, and he was okay.  I left work early on Friday (we moved from the 16th floor to the 27th floor of the Gas Tower), so I went to meet him at Universal City Station. 

What happened is that he was trying to drill a hole in a razor blade to make a scraper, but the blade started to spin and cut his thumbs.  Unfortunately, the company he was working for has a policy that if a temp worker gets hurt, the assignment is ended.  So, Matt lost his job.

We are financially okay; hopefully Matt will get unemployment insurance, but my income is just enough to pay all the bills and leave a little extra for fun.  We will have to use unemployment to pay for the wedding, and then when Matt gets a new job, we will use his income to pay for the wedding and for our apartment. 

Hopefully life settles down quickly.

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