Thursday, June 9, 2011

So You Don't Want to Look like a Princess...

Well guess what - you don't have to. 
This is in response to this blog:
OK ladies.  If you're plus sized - heck, if you are any size, you are going to find it difficult to find clothes that fit you.  But shopping doesn't have to be painful.  Not at all!  You simply need to know what kind of clothes fit you well.  For me, it is dresses with a full skirt ending about knee length.  Generally sleeveless or strapless, and I throw on a bolero or sweater.  Jeans don't really work for me.  I look best in 50's style dresses.  And that's what I shop for.  I don't try on scads of sheaths, only to despair when they freaking won't go over my hips!!  I get dresses with lots of room down below. 
So.  Now it's time to get married.  And you don't want to wear a.... a what?  A mess?  Pfft.  So you don't like lace and beading and halter dresses.  Stop freaking complaining, go to a store that you normally shop at, and freaking get a dress in white!  Or ivory!  Or pink!  But stop freaking complaining about it!!!  And don't call dresses I LIKE a mess!  Because I like poofy princess dresses!! (OK - not halter, either - those just look weird.)  But seriously!  You are not better than me because you are choosing a non-bridal gown for your courthouse wedding.  And it feels like you're trying to be better than me just because I'm going the traditional route, at least, as far as dresses go. 
And honestly, there are SOOO many places to find dresses, you don't need to write in complaining that you cannot find a dress.  Pul-eeze.  You're just begging for attention.

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