Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Knott's Berry Farm Trip

Last Saturday, Beth and I took Mom, Dad, and Kim to Knott’s for Kim’s birthday.  It was so fun to see her on the same rides that Beth and I used to go on.  Mike and Matt were there too, so it was fun to do family bonding.  I’m sure the boys got a little bored, as we didn’t go on many exciting rides, but they were good sports. 

FYI, we had coupons from my work, so tickets were $25 each.  Definitely check with your HR department to see if they have the coupons - it's such a steal!!!

We finally got her to go on the Red Baron airplane ride, but she wouldn't pull the throttle to make the airplane go up.

Mom and Dad

Kim and her ice cream cone, chocolate, of course.

It was such a big cone, it had it's own bowl.  Seriously - a 1 scoop cone looked like a 3 scoop!!  Well worth $4.

Mom and Kim with the bumper cars. 

Beth, Kim, and me... recreating a picture from when Beth and I were babies.

Beth and Mike

Matt (what a good sport he was, once he got his Rockstar!)

Kim on the Huff n Puff ride.

See that really tall ride in the back?  The yellow one with the swings on it?  The highest structure in the OC?  Yeah - my mom went on that.  :)

Afterwards, Matt and I went to Gina's house and had dinner with Josh and Gina.  Gina is moving, and found Play-Doh while packing. 

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