Monday, January 23, 2012

Blogging, 11 months

Writing this blog for the past year (11 months) has been pretty awesome.  I’ve gotten to document some major events in my life, and while that has been really exciting and challenging, it’s time for more.


Cubical Mouse isn’t very big.  My readers are mostly people from Facebook (thanks guys!), but CM is getting bigger.  Between Christmas Eve and today, I’ve had almost 700 views.  That’s pretty big considering I got 132 views in March, April, and May combined.  My New Year’s resolution was to grow Cubical Mouse to 1,000 views a month, and this is a fantastic start for 2012! 


I think it’s time to start doing things better.  My blogging consistency is not that great.  I try to write at least three posts a week, and sometimes that happens.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  So from here on out, the schedule is going to be Monday/Wednesday/Friday, with maybe some bonus posts thrown in.  I’m going to post more of my projects and recipe tutorials.  I think it will be a nice improvement. 


I think my major goal is going to be growing Cubical Mouse enough to warrant going to Alt (  next year.  I couldn’t justify it this year.  Not only did we not have the money, but Cubical Mouse is just not big enough.  We’re barely a lifestyle blog.  Barely.  But maybe, if by September 2012, I reach my goal of 1,000 views monthly, I can justify going to Alt. 



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