Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dreaming of Taffeta

I have been on a shopping hiatus for months.  Since the beginning of last summer, if it wasn’t necessary for the wedding, I didn’t buy it. 


Not to say I haven’t gotten new things.  Gina was cleaning out her closet, and she gave me some purses and makeup that she doesn’t use.  So the past week has been fun, trying out new makeup. 


But I am getting an itch to go shopping.  I would really like a few new dresses, and Julia’s wedding is coming up in March, and I’d like a new dress for that.  I think in February, I’ll be able to afford some fabric (going on job interviews is killing our budget, since I don’t get paid for time off, but I can’t afford to not go on an interview), but until then I am dreaming of taffeta.












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