Monday, October 10, 2011

Busy Weekend Happenings

Things are starting to speed up here with the wedding quickly approaching.  Less than 10 weeks until “I do”, and there is still so much to finish.


Most of the decorations are finished, but I still haven’t finished the guest book, “Love” banners, or even started the card box.  I also want to make some little flags for people to wave when we escape.


My bridal shower was Saturday.  I had a lot of fun, and Gina and Brittany did a great job of throwing it.  Beth had her CPA exam, so she wasn’t there, and Trinity didn’t come down.  Shanna had car trouble, so she didn’t make it either.  We played games like, making a wedding dress out of toilet paper, how well do you know the bride… things like that.  It was super fun. 


On Sunday, we stopped by Fabric Barn in Long Beach to get ribbon and tulle.  I needed ribbon for the bouquets and the aisle decorations.  The tulle is for the aisle decorations.  I got 40 yds for $16, which is really good.  But the pew part of the aisle is 50 feet long, so for both, it’s 100 feet.  Is 120 feet going to be enough tulle for 100 feet of pews?  I’m wondering if I should get more tulle, and then use any leftover for the altar.  I think that would be the best idea.


The invitations are almost ready to send out.  I have to finish printing, and then cut them, then stuff and mail.  Actually – a lot of them are being handed out at church to save money.  Stamps are expensive!

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