Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Autumn (or Too Little Sleep)

You know it’s autumn here in Los Angeles when every day starts out with intense, thick fog, which burns off into a blazing scorcher.  During the summer, it’s either foggy most of the day or hot all day, but autumn is a little of both. 


These are the things I think about when I stay up way too late working on aisle decorations for the wedding. 


I think I fixed my veil.  Previously, it had a headband, but it wasn’t staying on my head.  My veil was too heavy.  So I took it all apart, and just used a comb.  I’m not sure the comb is large enough, though.  It’s a small comb, not one of the huge ones designed for veils.


And then my day was completely ruined by hearing that Caine has topped Romney in the polls.  The man is an idiot.  If Caine gets the Republican nomination, I’m voting for Obama. 

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