Wednesday, June 13, 2012

12 Days

I’m turning 25 in 12 days.  I feel a little apprehensive, and I know I’m being silly.  I can’t help it!  I’m officially in my mid-twenties.  I’m about to have a meltdown!  It’s entirely selfish, I know.  25 is in no way old.  Another 20-something whining about her birthday.  Big deal.


Today I’ve been thinking back on the past five years of my life.  As I closed out my teens, I was on the “right track” – in college, working part time, keeping things together.  But when I turned 20, everything suddenly went off track.  I left CBU, dated a MUCH older man, went back to CBU, went through a few years of financial worry and stress, moved in with a new boyfriend (that claimed he was a hit man?  What the heck, Steph!?!  What were you thinking?!?), and then – at 23 ½,  I met Matt.  Matt changed everything.  I settled down, mostly.  I attached to him as if he was the last drop of water in Death Valley.  So now things are getting back on track, which is, in a word, bliss.  Life now is so much better than it ever has been. 


And that makes me excited to turn 25, to see what’s around the corner in the next 5 years.  So I will just keep this in my head for the next 12 days, and enjoy my birthday.  I will revel in the fact that I have survived 25 years, when so many do not.  I will be somber, realizing that I may not be able to enjoy the next 25 years, for my life may end in 10 years, or in 10 days.  And I will relax, stop reminding my husband to buy me flowers, and let this celebration carry me over into another year of happiness, sorrow, and contentment. 




  1. Take it from an expert, 25 isn't so bad! best year of MY life, anyway. :) Love you!!

  2. Oh my gosh, Steph! Seriously - we don't need to whine for like fifteen years! ;)

    Cheers to a quarter of a century!

  3. Haha! I know hon, just me being selfish. :)