Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Life in this Cubical

I cannot believe it has been three weeks since I have blogged.  There is a lot that has happened.


Matt got a new job.  He’s been there for about two weeks.  It was rather humbling for him – every time he’s lost a job this past year, he ended getting one with a slightly higher salary.  So Matt was interviewing for jobs making $18-20/hour, and of course, they always went for a better candidate.  This job DOES pay more than his last steady job, though.  After three months, if they decide to keep him, they should boost his salary a bit. 


But the past month has been really, really bad for us, financially.  We went for four weeks without getting anything from the EDD for unemployment benefits, and when we did, it was $177.  Wow.  Not cool!  We seriously went three weeks without buying groceries, and Chase is making a ton of money off of our overdraft fees!  (But what can you do?  Things HAVE to get paid on certain dates, and there’s no way around it!)


However, now we have a very difficult commuting situation.  Here’s our schedule:  Matt gets up at 4:30, showers.  Then while he makes breakfast and fixes lunch, I shower and do makeup/hair.  We quickly eat breakfast, finish getting dressed, and are out the door by 5:50.  Matt drops me at UCLA at 6:25, and then he goes to his job, where he works 7:30 – 4.  I’m off work at 3:30, so I wait for him to get to UCLA, about 4:50 or so.  Then we go home.  Usually we are there by 5:30, but sometimes not until 6. 


We really, really want to move, but we are halfway through with the lease, and we don’t have money for another deposit.  Hopefully, if Matt keeps his job, we will save up enough money in September and October for the next deposit.  We can move either to West Hollywood/Westwood/Santa Monica, and I can take the bus to work, or we can move to Downey/Norwalk/Whittier and I can take the vanpool.  Either way, transportation is about the same cost.


Speaking of transportation, our car insurance is $500/month!!!  What the heck!!!  Our insurance is through Mercury.  I’m thinking Matt has some unresolved issues on a ticket he got last year.  So I believe we are switching SOON.  Because this is insanity! 


My golden birthday is coming up soon!  I’m very excited.  So far, the plan is to go to dinner and then to a lounge with friends on Saturday.  On Sunday night, we are having dinner with my family, and then on Monday, we are going to Hero’s in Fullerton with Gina and Chris.  I don’t think I will take the day off work.  I want to, but then what would I do?  Stay at home all day?  How lazy!  It would be better to work. 


And that’s life here!


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  1. How many tickets and accidents does Matt have within the last 3 years? I work for State Farm, maybe I can get you guys a better monthly insurance rate. Call me. :-) --Melissa A.