Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Reflections

I read the best post on A Practical Wedding today.  In it, Meg says:

… I found it so hilarious when I was asked a question by a young 20-something in the Co-Lab workshop that went vaguely like this: "How do you balance work and play in your 20s? Because I want to really LIVE in my twenties, before life's all over." And I laughed and blinked, and then realized "Oh, that was a real question, because that's actually what we're taught." And then told her, "I'm 32. Trust me, the living doesn't stop after your twenties. And honestly, it mostly gets way better as you get older."

This gives me so much hope.  Life doesn’t stop at 30!

See, I’ve been reading about fertility after age 35, and how it gets much harder to have babies.  And I was freaking out, because I want babies so very much.  But Matt hasn’t gotten his act together yet with his career.  So by the time he does get his act together, and we save up enough money to buy a house, we’ll be, oh, maybe 35 or so?  You know, when having babies becomes impossible? 

No, no, Stephanie.  Having babies is not impossible after 35.  Besides, my insurance covers fertility treatments.  And my legal insurance covers adoption.  So I can calm down and enjoy and live the heck out of my 20’s, and stop worrying about future babies, houses, and husbands with careers not figured out. 

Tonight we are seeing Lindsay and the All Nighters at the Edison downtown.  I’m going to wear a cute little red dress and really, really enjoy myself.  I’m going to enjoy being young and 24 and not together yet, and have a fabulous night with my husband and my friends. 

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