Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sewing Projects!!

This weekend, Jo-Ann's has Simplicity patterns on sale (missed the last one - Mom threw out the flier because "I didn't need to spend money").  BUT they have calico 30% off, and some showcase quilting fabric 50% off. 

This one will be a shift dress (Simplicity 2245), with the polka dot fabric as a trim at the neck and sleeves. 

This one is going to be a sundress (Simplicity 2209).

And I am VERY mad at Jo-Ann's for deceiving me with this gorgeous linen fabric.  It was going to be a shirtdress (Simplicity 2246).  All the linen and linen lookalike fabrics were 40% off, except Sew Classic.  Guess what kind of linen this is?  Yup, Sew Classic.  It was only $9/yard (only!), but I think I am going to return it.  (You can return fabric as long as it's unwashed and you don't cut it.) 

If I return it, I might just buy it a similar color this weekend, since I do have a 40% off coupon... I guess it's cheating, but if they can mix in the non-sale fabric with the sale fabric, I don't much care.  (OK, OK, I should have checked, but I was way more concerned about whether or not I could pull off the color!)

I bought another fabric to make a sundress for this weekend, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  Will take some tonight when I start to sew it.

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