Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Sewing Projects!

My best friend, Gina, IM'd me today while I was at work... "I want a quilt for my birthday!"  I instantly thought of Rachel's quilt on Heart of Light.  Her quilt is here.  And here is a picture from her blog.

If I were making this for myself, I would use pastel, whimsical florals like Rachel.  But Gina wants purple fabric, so here is what I got her.  Basically, each row will alternate a light and a dark, with the other light and dark as the little squares.  Then it will repeat, but the four fabrics will switch places.  I'll use white muslin, like Rachel did, and a fleece liner.

A woman at my boyfriend's church is getting married, so I got invited to the bridal shower.  I'm going with Matt's mother - she is the pastor's wife, so she has to go.  Judy (the bride's) decorating colors are green and brown.  I don't like green and brown together.  I like teal and brown, so this is what Judy's quilt will look like.  It will be in the same style as Gina's.

Stopped by Starbucks while out... Gina needed lunch (we work VERY close together), so I dropped off a panini and latte.  The girls there were really taken by my dress today.  It's a vintage style in this fabric.  Elizabeth at Starbucks was like, "You should sell that on Etsy!!"  Aww! 

And here is my coffee, along with my messy work desk.  Oh and my morning coffee.  And my Starbucks coffee mug.  I  ♥ coffee.

Also saw this fabric, and at $2.50/yard, I got a yard to make a bag.  I've been meaning to sew a nice tote bag to use instead of a purse, and this will do nicely.  All in all, I only spent $44 at Jo-Ann's, and for stuff I needed.  Except the tote bag.  :)

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