Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Developments

An interesting development in life – we are buying a car.  For the first time, ever, from a dealership (edit: using financing).  Both of us have bought cars before, but from individuals (not a great experience!), so this is a little frightening and scary. 

Matt has good credit, so we should not have trouble securing financing.  A friend at work is calling in hookups, so hopefully we can snag a good deal.  The ideal car is a 2008 – 2009 Ford Focus, with about 40,000 miles, for less than $14,000. But Ford Fiestas – brand new – are about $16,000, and I can’t help but wonder if it is better to get a new car.  It would be under warranty for years, and if anything was wrong, we wouldn’t have to pay for it. 

We wanted to wait until January to buy a car, but the transmission is getting worse, the speedometer quit working this past weekend, and the steering leaves me feeling scared.  Not to mention the right hand blinker has never worked, and the passenger front handle is missing (so if something happens, the passenger cannot get out of the car easily.  The milage is less than 15 MPG city, and so Matt is spending more than $800/month on gas.  Hence why we are buying a car now, not in 3 months.  The reduction in how much gas we will buy will more than cover the car payment. 

But, in order to put down the down payment, we are mostly eliminating the honeymoon and a good deal of the wedding.  And so I need help, you guys.  Most of the wedding was DIY anyway, but some stuff I was splurging a little on, and now I can’t.

This is what I would love:

Formal portrait and ceremony photography.  One of my bridesmaids has the reception covered as far as photography, and I was planning on paying a photographer for two hours to get these two things.  I don’t need something fancy – I just need someone to stand there and snap the pictures on a good quality camera, and then download the pictures, and put them on a disc for me. 

Videography.  I was planning on purchasing a camcorder and setting it up on a tripod, but I can’t now.  So if you have a camcorder and tripod, and you can bring it, you would be amazing.

Fruits and tea sandwiches.  I am planning on making 1,000 cookies, 150 cupcakes, 100 brownies, and 5 layer cakes, and my aunt Ruthie has promised to make the wedding cake, but I don’t have money for the 1,000 tea sandwiches and fruit platters I was going to do. 

I really, really hate asking for help, because I don’t want to impose.  But I guess if I don’t ask, people don’t know how to help. 

Much love and snickerdoodles will be given to all.  J   

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