Monday, September 26, 2011

A Fun Filled Weekend!

This was a great weekend.  We made significant progress with the wedding preparations, and had loads of fun!  On Saturday, we went apple picking with Mom, Dad, Kim, Beth, and Mike.

First, we went to Riley’s (the one that does the reenactments).  We took a hayride up from the lower parking lot to the apples.  We went later this year than we normally do, and the apples were already mostly picked out.  Oh no!!  But we got some VERY large baking apples – very tart!  And tonight I plan to make a nice apple cobbler. 

Beth and Mike got pears.

Matt and I went over to Snow Line to get cider, apple butter, and apple donuts.  ZOMG the donuts are sooo good.  If you go apple picking – you must get donuts.  This year, they were $3.50 for 12 mini donuts.  Well worth it. 

Usually, I stop by Los Rios to get the cider, because I like Riley’s cider, and to maybe pick some berries, but we were so tired! We stayed up very late Friday baking cookies to test for the wedding.  I slept on the way home, and Matt napped for about two and a half hours.   

It was very odd – Riley’s looked quite run down compared to last year, and I did not see very many apples at Los Rios.  I used to go in early October with friends, and it was never picked out. 

After napping, Matt and I got ready to go to the Pacific Symphony.  We got orchestra terrace seats (back row, of course) for Mendelssohn’s violin concerto, with Sarah Chang.  They also played “I would plant a tree” by (I think) James Newton Howard, Berlioz’s Roman Carnival Overture, and concluded with Respighi’s Pines of Rome.  All of the performances were quite amazing!  Sarah Chang was fabulous, and – as always – the conclusion of The Pines of Rome (the sunrise part) made me cry, it was so glorious.  Matt was blown away by the performance.  He has never truly been to a symphony before – the last two times we went were Pops performances – so he was, needless to say, astounded at the performance.

On Sunday, we had church, then we went to Zales.  And we looked.  And looked.  And talked.  And looked some more.

Afterwards, we went back to Matt’s house, and painted the aisle runner.  We painted “I Carry You in my Heart” by e.e. cummings on it.  It’s beautiful.

We watched Happy Feet and Thor while we painted.  I tried to get Matt to watch Emma, but it was a no-go.  Too girly, too slow.  I did not like Happy Feet!  It was extremely suggestive, and I would not let my children watch that!!!  I think they had a good story going on, but the suggestiveness was just over the top, and very inappropriate for children.

Then we ordered something, and when it arrives, it will look like this:

So that was the weekend.   

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