Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dratted Dress Economics

Say I was to make the above pattern, if I wanted a dress like Snow White or Cinderella.  It would cost me about $200, with shipping, to get the dress from China


Or, I could make the dress for about $100.  (22 yards of fabric at $8/yard [less, if I make the top layer tulle], 50% off with coupon, plus $1 for pattern, and $10 for notions)  I could even add some gorgeous lightweight appliqués for about $20 that matched my veil.  If I got the fabric on Monday, I would also get 10% off my whole purchase. 


BUT, this would take at least a month of hard work, and the bodice would take lots of patience to enlarge a couple sizes.  Is it worth it?


  1. wow! you must be extrememly talented!

  2. wow! I never would have guessed it was that inexpensive - either way! very nice! :0)