Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Four Months to Go

We are four months out, and projects are starting to come along quite nicely.


The painted wooden boxes for the bridesmaids are complete.  I painted the solid colors, and Matt did the detail.


The cake topper has been painted, just needs to be glued.


I finally decided on a dress.  I’m using a Georgian era costume dress, but modifying the sleeves and details, as well as adding a train and poofs in the back.  The drawings are a bit unclear, but you should get the idea. 


I have a lot of almost completed projects:


-          Guest Book

-          Petticoat

-          Love Banner

-          Bunting


As well as projects that need to get started…


-          Fringed Streamers

-          Veil

-          Wedding Dress

-          Card Box


I will be quite busy!


I know people have said they want to help with the wedding, but I don’t want to impose.  So if any wedding elf wannabes read this, they should know that I would LOVE help with the following:


-          Photography

-          Videography

-          Bringing Appetizers


  1. Oh my goodness, are SO CREATIVE! You've come up with such cute ideas! It's going to be such an awesome wedding!

    And the dress idea is so cool too! :) :) :)

  2. Thanks Jocelyn! Can't wait to put it all together!