Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping took almost 4 hours, from the time I picked Matt up to when we finished putting away all the food. Correction - Matt is dividing up the meat, so it's technically not put away yet.

Since we have to pay Matt's traffic ticket from May, and our electric bill was about four times the normal amount, I didn't have a lot of money for food. I decided to get enough food for four weeks, since my next paycheck is going towards rent.

I had about $150 for one months worth of food for two people. That's not a lot. Normally we spend about $250 a month on food. (Matt is addicted to energy drinks, so that eats a lot into the budget.)

I got our basics - milk, eggs, sugar (we make Kool-Aid instead of buying soda or juice), 20 lbs potatoes (cheaper than pasta, and I hate rice), frozen veggies (on sale at Lucky for $0.88/lb), fruit, a few boxes of pasta, and cans of soup (Lucky had then on sale).

I know that meatless dinners save a lot of money. But Matt likes meat! Sausage (for homemade pizza) was on sale at Lucky for .88 cents, so I got 4 of those. Smart & Final had chicken breast on sale for $0.99/lb, so a pack of that was less than $5. They also had pork cushion on sale. It was my most pricy meat - about 10 lbs for $17. But it was boneless, so that's ok. But Superior had whole chickens for $0.69/lb, so we got 4 whole chicken for less than $9. Along with smoked sausages (lunches for Matt), and some more cheese, that pretty much rounded out our shopping trip.

I'm pretty stocked up on baking supplies, so that should last us a month. I will pick up some more milk, bread, ice cream, and fruit next payday anyway - less than $20.

Yes, Matt did get energy drinks, but at Big Lots, so they are cheap.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy we spent in our budget and got so much meat. Matt should not complain!!

Sharon and Dave are coming for dinner tomorrow. Guess what we are having? Roast whole chicken!

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