Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter was lovely.  Unfortunately, my iPhone broke, so I have no pictures.  I may not have pictures for a few months – sad!! I need to find my Kodak and see if I still have a charger for it!


Matt and I spent Friday night preparing for Easter.  Bethany and I did our family’s Easter get together, so I was in charge of decorations, cupcakes, and goodie bags. 


On Saturday, we dropped our stuff at my parent’s house, and went to Gina’s for breakfast.  We all went down to Tim and Julia’s for their housewarming BBQ, which had super yummy food!  Then it was back to my parent’s house for our Easter get together.  We had a photo scavenger hunt (my team did not win) and good food.  Matt and I stayed until about 11 PM talking to our cousin Chris, who made me promise to read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (since I’ve never read it – my mother did not let us read books about magic).  So I plan on reading that book this week. 


We brought my entire collection of books home (still at my parent’s house! Shocking!), as well as my wedding gown and a ball gown.  I still have one box of books/shoes at my parent’s house. 


Sunday was spent at church and then at Matt’s parent’s house, where we played lovely games and had a great lunch.  It was a really warm day, so we spent a little time in the pool. 


All in all, a great weekend.



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