Monday, April 30, 2012

Dancing - the perfect exercise

We had a busy weekend.  On Friday, we went bowling with Gina and friends, so that was really fun. 


On Saturday, I did not go to a baby shower that I was supposed to attend.  I couldn’t.  I feel so guilty.  But I would not have been okay. 


We did go to Robert’s 40th birthday.  That was very fun.  I did a lot of dancing.  I calculated that I gained 12 points by dancing – which is good, because I SERIOUSLY overate this weekend.  I’m dreading my weigh in today – almost so much, I’m thinking of going to the gym right after work and doing the elliptical for two hours.  Maybe.


But 2 hours of dancing – 41 points.  41.  Wow.  I’m suddenly feeling like dancing, like, every day this week.  J



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