Monday, February 27, 2012


I got contacts this weekend.  I haven’t consistently worn them in almost two years, because I got this major eye infection, and the doctor recommended I take a break.  And then I just never got them again. 


So because I now have vision insurance, we went to the optometrist, and I got contacts again.  As I type this, the computer is really straining my eyes.  I have to keep trying to focus.  I have to glance away at a distant object every now and again in order to not get a major headache.  But I remember that my eyes will get used to this.  After three or four days, looking at the computer all day long will not be so difficult.  The entire struggle to adjust will be worth it, because I can wear sunglasses and colored eye shadow again.  (Wearing colored eye shadow behind glasses kind of looks like you have a black eye.)  And hopefully, you won’t end up with another eye infection, or worse.


So I wonder if this is how marriage is.  Maybe for the first three or four years out of sixty, it’s a struggle to focus and not switch back to what you used before (in the contacts analogy, it would be glasses).  But maybe once you adjust, it gets easier to get along.  To have daily routine not be a struggle.  To not make stupid decisions, like driving 100 mph on the freeway and endanger your wife’s life.  And like the analogy above, hopefully you won’t come out of this with an infection in the marriage.   


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