Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Weekend, Amazing

This weekend was fabulous.


On Friday, we celebrated Kim’s graduation from Kindergarten, and then we saw Breaking Dawn with Gina, Robert, and Jocelyn.


On Saturday, Gina and I went to Vegas.  We stayed at MGM, and had a fantastic time.



At the Coca Cola store – a Barq’s Red Crème Soda Float.



At the Sugar Factory – they put dry ice in their drinks to make it fog.



A barbershop quartet that was freaking amazing!



It was raining on our way home.  In the Cajon pass, we could barely see two car lengths ahead. 



On Sunday night, we had a bridal shower.  It was quite fun. 



Sunrise this morning.


The holidays are upon us.  Tonight I am taking sweet potatoes to Gina’s house for a gathering there, and then tomorrow we have my family’s gathering in mid-day, and Matt’s family gathering in the evening.  Then, we will come back to my house, because we have to pack all my stuff for moving!   Yes, we get our keys on Friday.  We are trying to arrange to move almost everything Friday, so then we won’t have to borrow trucks or anything except for the one day.  Also because we are super duper busy through New Year’s!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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