Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend & Other Thoughts

On Saturday, we celebrated Matt’s 26th birthday.  We were to have a beach bonfire, but apparently you have to get there at 5 AM to get a pit.  Oh well!  We had it at my parent’s house instead.  I got him a teal button up shirt, a new wallet, and fabric for two pairs of pajama shorts.  I need to wash them and sew them this week.


It was so hot yesterday!  We just lay around and didn’t do anything.  Our air conditioners make it a little bearable, but I would kill for central air.  In our next apartment, that is a must! 


Speaking of new apartments, I’ve been scouring for potential new apartments.  We want this next apartment to be our last before we buy a house (we have a 5 year savings plan for a down payment), so we need a two bedroom apartment for any little Cubical Mousies that come along. 


We were thinking we would want a washer/dryer with the apartment, or at least hookups, but we found this washer/dryer combo at Home Depot.  It’s $1600, but the dryer doesn’t need a vent, so you can just hook it up to the kitchen sink and run it.  A less expensive option would be to get a portable washer and dryer separately, but this takes up less space.


Honestly, I really want it now!!!!  J 



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