Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Cubical Mouse!

I saw one of my favorite bloggers at work last week.  I was fairly certain she worked here, but until I saw her last week, I wasn’t certain.  I wanted to go say hi, and that I love her blog, but I wasn’t sure how she would take it.  So I didn’t say anything.


I think Matt and are going to focus our apartment finding efforts on Hollywood and Palms.  Hollywood 2 bedroom apartments are around 1300 – 1400, and we’ll be lucky to find something in Palms for 1500.  I really want hardwood floors and lots of natural light.  Hollywood/Koreatown apartments tend to have hardwood floors.  I really want a short commute to work, especially when we have little Cubical Mousies.  I don’t want them to languish in day care anymore than is necessary. 


Matt’s birthday is today.  He is 26.  A very handsome 26!  J



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