Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Sailor Dress

I bought fabric back in January, but I didn’t start to work with it until a few weeks ago.



So cute, right??


Originally, this fabric was supposed to be a dress with a bateau neck in front, with a V in back.  It had fitted sleeves, and a midriff.  The pleats were at the sides of the dress.


This is what came out.








While I look great from the side, the front was just AWFUL, and the back skirt needed work.


I took out the midriff, completely redid the sleeves into bell sleeves, did a completely new front bodice (scoop neckline).  Then, I belted it to accentuate my high waist.  I moved the pleats from the sides to all the way around.  I also shortened the heck out of it (with a 4” hem).


This is what happened.






MUCH BETTER!!!!!!  The bell sleeves did wonders!!!  What do you think?



  1. Wow! what a difference! The end result is very cute! And I agree, the red belt looks great with the dress. :)